General Terms

General terms & conditions

  • Dead Sea dives are offered only under the following Terms & Conditions
  • Dead Sea diving is a unique experience which allows fully qualified and tough divers to dive in one of the most adventurous dives in the world.
  • "Dead Sea divers" reserves itself the right to cancel, alter of amend any of the times and dates scheduled without notice if operational or other circumstances require us to do so.
  • If "Dead Sea divers" cancels, postpones or alters any of the scheduled diving events at any given time the participant acknowledge that "Dead Sea divers" is not responsible or liable for any additional costs. Additional costs might include: travel costs, hotel costs. NB. This list is not exhaustive.
  • Under all circumstances "Dead Sea divers" 's instructors reserve themselves the right to refuse any participant, if they feel a diver is unsuitable or unconfident enough to participate and could possibly jeopardize his/ her Health and Safety and/or this of another participants. The decision of "Dead Sea divers"'s instructors is unquestionable and stands without any reason to explain.

Price includes

  • Price includes diving with a group of 2-5 divers and at least one guide. The diving experience will last approximately 30-60 minutes. The whole event will last 8 hours. All participants must taking place in the whole time long of the event.
  • Transportation from the Dead Sea Hotels area to and from the diving site
  • Essential diving equipment : Full face mask, air tanks, weights (exclude personal equipment)
  • Dead Sea divers certificate
  • Dead Sea divers sticker + souvenir

Booking procedure
Dead Sea divers will only issue a Dive Vouchers upon reception of full payment.
Provisional bookings are possible.

To complete you're booking with us

  1. Send us a booking request for a given dates
  2. Send a full pre modification form
  3. Our booking team in "Dead Sea divers" will check if your qualifications meet our minimum requirements and send you a letter of confirmation.
  4. Full payment must be made 21 days prior to the diving event

Diving equipment

  • Divers are asked to bring their own personal equipment. However, full face masks, air tanks, weighs and other essential special equipment will be supplied by "Dead Sea divers" with no extra cost.
  • Any and all hired personal diving equipment must be booked and paid for at least seven days prior to the event. Payment regarding diving equipment can be made by credit card over the phone.
  • Personal diving equipment for rent will be booked while registration is been made and upon diver's special request only. For any personal equipment and it's charge please contact us.
  • Any and all damage to hired equipment will be fully charged.

Mandatory preconditions

Note: Diving in the Dead Sea requires the use of a lot of weights. It is essential to be in a condition which will allow you to carry about 65 Kg of equipment

It is mandatory to complete a PADI medical disclaimer prior to the dive. This is a basic health questionnaire. If a diver answers positively to any of the questions on the form, he/she is asked to please contact us as this will require signing of an additional form by his/her GP prior to commencing the dive. Please note – doctors may charge fees for this.
Qualified divers must bring all diver certifications, current and up to date log books or proof of dives within the last six months prior to the event.
At least 2 dives in the last 6 months and a minimum of 50 logged dives in the past are required. Failure to do so will result in the cancellation of your dive and no refunds will be given.
WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND!! to send us in advance by fax or via e-mail a copy of your certifications and qualifications.

Diving Qualifications requirements are

  • PADI Open Water, BSAC Ocean Diver, CMASI Star or recognized equivalent or above.
  • Proof of qualifications and medical certificates (if applicable) are essential.
  • Valid diving insurance
  • Minimum 50 logged dives in your log book.
  • A Minimum of 2 dives in the last 6 months.
  • Good physical condition with the ability to carry about 65 Kg of equipment.

Qualified divers under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian present on the day of the event.

Payments / Refunds / Vouchers

  • All divers must present their letter of confirmation from our Bookings Department on arrival.
  • All dive experiences are non-refundable.
  • Booked and paid diving vouchers may be transferred to another diver only if the person fully fill Dead Sea diver's minimum requirements
  • Gift vouchers, are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase. Any extension to the validity period is at the discretion of "Dead Sea divers" and must be authorized prior to expiring date. Note additional charges will be incurred.
  • Once briefings have begun, no refunds will be given unless operational issues force "Dead Sea diver"'s staff to cancel the dive.
  • If this is a surprise gift, please be aware that if the diver answers ‘yes’ to one or more of the questions on the PADI medical form, their dive must be authorized by their GP. Without this authorization the dive will not go ahead.

Cancellation / No show

  • If the diver fails to appear for the dive without prior notification the dive and all payments will be forfeit. You must contact our booking team on ++972 (0) 777 109 100 if you are unable to attend.
  • If you are unable to participate on the given day, we will be happy to reschedule your dive provided no less than 21 days notice is given. This 21 day of notice will be strictly adhered to. If a diver fails to gives us at least 21 days of notification, additional booking charges will be asked for.
  • The "Dead Sea divers" team reserves itself the right to refuse a medical note, if it feels that a diver is unsuitable to participate and could possibly jeopardize his/her Health and Safety of this of another participant.
  • In case "Dead Sea divers" instructors refuse any participant if they feel that the diver is unsuitable or unconfident to participate and could possibly jeopardize the Health and Safety of themselves and other participants, Dead sea divers will refund 50% of the total cost. The decision of the Dead Sea instructors is unquestionable and stands without any need of explanation.