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Dead Sea Divers is encouraging co operations with diving clubs, diving tour operators and diving organizations Any commercial organizations who wish to become affiliate of Dead Sea Divers is kindly requested to join our Trade Affiliate Program registration form and follow the instructions.
A bona fide affiliate must print a brochure distributed to consumers in their country.

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Professional commercial Divings & marine services
Bresler Sea Works LTD is a small, family owned, under water & marine service company since 1994. Bresler Avraham is a professional diver and tug boat captain, since 1985. As a professional diving & marine services company which has the most worldwide experienced divers regarding diving in the Dead Sea we provide such a services:
• Commercial divingd include cutting / welding underwater
• Researches services, sampling & monitoring
• Film & underwater movies

For Commercial Divings & marine services please contact our commercial department