The Concept

We offer professional diving services based on our commercial diving experience in the Dead Sea during the last 20 years. The main purpose of this activity is to provide opportunities to all of the adventurous divers to explore this unique – sole in the world – diving environment. Basically, we are diving in Wednesday or Thursday in order to allow our guests to stay in the Dead Sea area for following weekend. This is not a 'rule' and we are flexible with diving dates as per our availability. The diving event is 1 day long. Because of the unique hard and uncompromising environment the diver must prepare himself very carefully in advance. We use full face mask and plenty of weights which needs a strict suitability of the diving equipment. We strongly recommend divers will spend the night before diving in the Dead Sea area. This will allow you to come well prepared, relax and fresh for your dive.

Diving day event
Estimated time table:

08:00 – Assembling, acquaintance conversation, Coordinating expectations / paper work
09:00 – lecture – "Full face Mask Diving"
09:30 – Training the Full face Mask
10:30 – Driving to diving site in the Dead sea
11:00 – lecture – "Diving in the Dead Sea"
11:30 – Equipment preparations and "sinking tests"
12:30 – Diving in the Dead Sea
14:00 – Certifications awarding of 'Dead Sea Diver' diving diploma / logbook stamping

Lessons are in English or French – Other languages on request only